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Auro e-Books is a digital bookstore/library providing free yoga books on the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and other related publications on the subject of spirituality and human evolution. The home of Auro e-Books is Auroville – an international township in southern India, dedicated to realizing the ideal of human unity, and serving as a center of concentration and a field of experimentation for the future evolution of man. Humanity presently finds itself at a period of great crisis, when many old forms of human thought and life are rapidly falling apart, and the Earth is torn by confusion and conflict and disorder.  The old forms of religious, political, and social thought and life are no longer sufficient to confront the immense difficulties faced by humanity today, and have not the power to solve the present impasse, or unite together the people of the Earth to save it from destruction.  The Integral Yoga points the way to an individual discipline and practice whereby a higher Light and Force and Love, a consciousness of Truth and Oneness, can be brought down into life to transform it. And Auroville is one of the preeminent centers of this new impetus in human evolution, where this higher Consciousness can confront and work out the collective difficulties faced by humanity today.  We hope you will find amongst our free yoga books a guiding light towards the future, a future of Truth and Beauty and a life divine upon Earth.  Please feel free to leave us your feedback, or contact us if you are interested in participating or contributing to our project. [Read more…]


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