Bases of Yoga by Sri Aurobindo

Book Update: Bases of Yoga by Sri Aurobindo (free ebook)

Sri Aurobindo - Bases of Yoga

We publishing updated version of “Bases of Yoga” in “Open Library” in epub, mobi and pdf formats. Enjoy reading!

Bases of Yoga is a collection of 156 extracts from letters to disciples, Sri Aurobindo explains the central principles and practices of his Integral Yoga.

“There can be no firm foundation in sadhana without equality, samatā. Whatever the unpleasantness of circumstances, however disagreeable the conduct of others, you must learn to receive them with a perfect calm and without any disturbing reaction. These things are the test of equality. It is easy to be calm and equal when things go well and people and circumstances are pleasant; it is when they are the opposite that the completeness of the calm, peace, equality can be tested, reinforced, made perfect.” – Sri Aurobindo