eBook Publishing and Distribution Services

eBook Publishing Services 

Auro e-Books publishing and distribution services are a part of our effort to bring the benefits of digital publishing to publishers and authors in the field of spirituality and well-being. With our e-publishing work, we provide authors and publishers a way to reach the large audience of readers online, who interested in self-development and the overall growth of harmony and well-being upon Earth.

eBook Publishing Author Royalties Scheme

Auro e-Books withholds 25% from profits and pays the author 75% from profits earned from e-book sales. The royalty scheme of different online stores could differ from the aforementioned 70% Amazon scheme and has to be confirmed separately. Auro e-Books fee remains 25% of the author’s sales income.

Sample calculation for Amazon 70% royalty scheme:
Books number100
Single book price3.00 USD
100 books x 3 USD per single book300 USD
Amazon 70% royalty scheme210 USD
Auro e-Books publishing services fee50 USD (25%)
Author’s pay-out royalties150 USD (75%)
  • Payment of royalties will be done quarterly, with statistics on book sales if authors payment (with the exclusion of Auro e-Books fees) is or above 100 USD (or 6000 Indian rupees), if it is less then only statistics on sales will be provided on demand and payment will be postponed till the next payment term.
  • Payment for e-book conversion is be calculated separately according to Auro e-Books book conversion rates and is not part of the Auro e-Books publishing contract.

Contract Terms:

Agreement between the author and Auro e-Books is valid for 1 year from the day of online publication and will be automatically renewed or canceled on demand by author or rights holder.

Auro e-Books will follow the same calculation on other book stores (its own Auro e-Books store, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Kobo and other e-book retailers)

Payment Terms:

  • The payment process will be initiated upon presentation of a valid invoice (via email) to the Customer;
  • The supplier’s preferred payment method is via Paypal or Wire Transfer.


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