eBook Conversion Services

eBook Conversion Services

Auro e-Books offers a conversion service to any e-book format from virtually any format – Word,  Word  Perfect,  Ventura,  PDF,  Quark,  InDesign,  XML  or  HTML,  among  others.

Our e-books are compatible with the ADE, Sony Reader, Kindle, iPhone, iPad (iBooks) and most desktop readers, depending on the customer’s requirements.

We ensure that their content is properly prepared to be distributed as eBooks and are fully optimized to the reader or devices specified by the customers.

eBook Conversion Pricing

TitlePrice Per page (USD)
Simple  0.27 USD
Medium  0.50 USD
Complex  0.60 USD

 Complexity Chart

Book ElementSimpleMediumComplex
Displays: (Images/ diagrams/ formulas/ equations/ lists (ordered/ unordered) / exceptional text)Up to 5 per 100 pages6-64 per 100 pages65-100 per 100 pages
Simple Tables ** (Up to 5 columns/one page)Up to 5 per 100 pages6-15 per 100 pages16-20 per 100 pages
Links (hyperlinks/ footnotes/ endnotes/ or other internal links)Up to 15 per 100 pages15-50 per 100 pages51-100 per 100 pages
Index/ glossary/ bibliography or referencesOne PageLess than 4 pagesLonger than 4 pages


  • ePUB
  • mobi

Quality Standards:

  • 95% first pass yield; corrections due to errors by ‘Auro e-Books’ will be done at no charge;
  • e-Book is done according to the latest specifications and will pass validation tool (ePUB Check).

Payment Terms:

  • Payment process will be initiated upon presentation of a valid invoice (via email) to the Customer;
  • Supplier’s preferred payment method is via Paypal or Wire Transfer.


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