Sonnets of Sri Aurobindo

Sonnets of Sri Aurobindo

This book contains all of Sri Aurobindo’s sonnets-the seventy-four sonnets written in Pondicherry between the early 1930s and late 1940s and fourteen early sonnets written around the turn of the century. Only eight were published during his lifetime. Notes on the texts provide information on the number of extant manuscript versions of each sonnet.

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Author: Sri Aurobindo

Print Length: 101 pages

Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Book format: PDF, ePub, Kindle

Language: English

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  • Transformation
  • The Other Earths
  • Nirvana
  • Man the Thinking Animal
  • Contrasts
  • The Silver Call
  • Evolution [1]
  • The Call of the Impossible
  • Evolution [2]
  • Man the Mediator
  • The Infinitesimal Infinite
  • Discoveries of Science
  • The Ways of the Spirit [1]
  • The Ways of the Spirit [2]
  • Science and the Unknowable
  • The Yogi on the Whirlpool
  • The Kingdom Within
  • Now I have borne
  • Electron
  • The Indwelling Universal
  • Bliss of Identity
  • The Witness Spirit
  • The Hidden Plan
  • The Pilgrim of the Night
  • Cosmic Consciousness
  • Liberation [1]
  • The Inconscient
  • Life-Unity
  • The Golden Light
  • The Infinite Adventure
  • The Greater Plan
  • The Universal Incarnation
  • The Godhead
  • The Stone Goddess
  • The Cosmic Dance
  • Krishna
  • Shiva
  • Man the Enigma
  • The Word of the Silence
  • The Self’s Infinity
  • The Dual Being
  • Lila
  • Surrender
  • The Divine Worker
  • The Guest
  • The Inner Sovereign
  • Creation
  • A Dream of Surreal Science
  • In The Battle
  • The Little Ego
  • The Miracle of Birth
  • The Bliss of Brahman
  • Moments
  • The Body
  • Liberation [2]
  • Light
  • The Unseen Infinite
  • “I”
  • The Cosmic Spirit
  • Self
  • Omnipresence
  • The Inconscient Foundation
  • Adwaita
  • The Hill-Top Temple
  • The Divine Hearing
  • Because Thou Art
  • Divine Sight
  • Divine Sense
  • The Iron Dictators
  • Form
  • Immortality
  • Man, the Despot of Contraries
  • The One Self
  • The Inner Fields

Book Sample

Sonnets of Sri Aurobindo


My breath runs in a subtle rhythmic stream;
It fills my members with a might divine:
I have drunk the Infinite like a giant’s wine.
Time is my drama or my pageant dream.
Now are my illumined cells joy’s flaming scheme
And changed my thrilled and branching nerves to fine
Channels of rapture opal and hyaline
For the influx of the Unknown and the Supreme.

I am no more a vassal of the flesh,
A slave to Nature and her leaden rule;
I am caught no more in the senses’ narrow mesh.
My soul unhorizoned widens to measureless sight,
My body is God’s happy living tool,
My spirit a vast sun of deathless light.

The Other Earths

An irised multitude of hills and seas,
And glint of brooks in the green wilderness,
And trackless stars, and miracled symphonies
Of hues that float in ethers shadowless,

A dance of fireflies in the fretted gloom,
In a pale midnight the moon’s silver flare,
Fire-importunities of scarlet bloom
And bright suddenness of wings in a golden air,

Strange bird and animal forms like memories cast
On the rapt silence of unearthly woods,
Calm faces of the gods on backgrounds vast
Bringing the marvel of the infinitudes,

Through glimmering veils of wonder and delight
World after world bursts on the awakened sight.


All is abolished but the mute Alone.
The mind from thought released, the heart from grief
Grow inexistent now beyond belief;
There is no I, no Nature, known-unknown.

The city, a shadow picture without tone,
Floats, quivers unreal; forms without relief
Flow, a cinema’s vacant shapes; like a reef
Foundering in shoreless gulfs the world is done.

Only the illimitable Permanent
Is here. A Peace stupendous, featureless, still,
Replaces all, — what once was I, in It
A silent unnamed emptiness content
Either to fade in the Unknowable
Or thrill with the luminous seas of the Infinite.