Words of the Mother – I (CWM Vol.13)

Words of the Mother – I

Collected Works of the Mother Volume 13

Short written statements on Sri Aurobindo, herself, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville, India and other nations.

This volume consists primarily of brief written statements by the Mother about Sri Aurobindo, herself, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville, India, and nations other than India. Written over a period of nearly sixty years (1914 – 1973), the statements have been compiled from her public messages, private notes, and correspondence with disciples. The majority (about sixty percent) were written in English; the rest were written in French and appear here in translation.

The volume also contains a number of conversations, most of them in the part on Auroville. All but one were spoken in French and appear here in translation. There are also several reports of comments by the Mother. These reports were noted down by disciples and later approved by her for publication. All of them were spoken in English.

The volume is arranged by theme in six parts, each part having a number of sections. Within the sections, dated pieces are placed in chronological order, undated ones where they best fit in thematically.

Readers should note that most of these statements were given to particular individuals under particular circumstances. The advice in them, therefore, may not apply to everyone.

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Author: The Mother

Print Length: 404 pages

Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Book format: PDF, ePub, Kindle

Language: English

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Part One: Sri Aurobindo

  • Sri Aurobindo
  • Mahasamadhi
  • Eternal Presence
  • Centenary
  • Work and Teaching
  • General
  • Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

Part Two: The Mother

  • The Mother
  • Outer Life
  • Work and Teaching
  • Sadhana of the Body
  • Blessings
  • General
  • Relations with Others

Part Three: Sri Aurobindo Ashram

  • Sri Aurobindo Ashram
  • Conditions for Admission
  • Proper Conduct
  • No Politics
  • Comfort and Happiness
  • Coming to the Ashram
  • Leaving the Ashram
  • Relations with Persons Outside the Ashram
  • Finance and Economy
  • Organisation and Work
  • Paid Workers
  • General

Part Four: Auroville

  • Aims and Principles
  • Matrimandir
  • Community Affairs
  • Finance
  • Early Talks
  • Matrimandir Talks
  • Aspiration Talks
  • Talk of 30 March 1972

Part Five: India

Part Six: Nations Other than India

Book Sample

Words of the Mother – I

Sri Aurobindo

(From a meditation written on the day after the Mother first saw Sri Aurobindo)

It matters little that there are thousands of beings plunged in the densest ignorance, He whom we saw yesterday is on earth; his presence is enough to prove that a day will come when darkness shall be transformed into light, and Thy reign shall be indeed established upon earth.

O Lord, Divine Builder of this marvel, my heart overflows with joy and gratitude when I think of it, and my hope has no bounds.

My adoration is beyond all words, my reverence is silent.

30 March 1914



What Sri Aurobindo represents in the world’s history is not a teaching, not even a revelation; it is a decisive action direct from the Supreme.


(Message for broadcast by All India Radio, Tiruchirappalli)

What Sri Aurobindo represents in the history of the earth’s spiritual progress is not a teaching, not even a revelation; it is a mighty action straight from the Supreme.

14 February 1961


(Message for the issuance of a Sri Aurobindo commemorative stamp)

He has come to bid the earth to prepare for its luminous future.

15 August 1964


Sri Aurobindo has brought to the world the assurance of a divine future.


Sri Aurobindo has come on earth not to bring a teaching or a creed in competition with previous creeds or teachings, but to show the way to overpass the past and to open concretely the route towards an imminent and inevitable future.

22 February 1967

Cathegory “The Mother”


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