Beyond Man

Beyond Man

Beyond Man

The Life and Work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

The book “Beyond Man” by Georges van Vrekhem is based on documents which have never been presented before as a whole by other authors. It gives a surprising look behind the scenes of the history of this century. It presents a positive evaluation of the crisis our Earth is subject to at this very moment and it opens a vertiginous but hopeful perspective on the coming of a superhuman species and a divine life upon Earth.

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Looking for Volunteers for Proofreading Sanskrit Texts

Looking for Volunteers: Proofreading Sanskrit Text in Sri Aurobindo's Works and other Spiritual eBooks

Looking for Volunteers: proofreading Sanskrit Text
in Sri Aurobindo’s Works

Dear friends,

We are looking for volunteers who could type Devanagari Unicode text in order to proofread Sanskrit part in Sri Aurobindo’s books on Upanishads, Secret of Veda, and other spiritual writings and scriptures.

So, who have some time to spare? We could organize this work in some easy-going routine, with as much as possible participants. As a reward you will get nicely formatted book in epub/mobi/doc and blessings. I can not promise you the second, but guarantee the first, once it is done.

What will you say?



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