Living India

Living India comes from a 24/7 experience of being pickled in the Indian culture, in the context of Auroville – the City of Dawn aspiring to live an actual human unity in diversity.

Living India, loving India – the essence of it and its countless eyes, names, faces, facets and flavours. Living it. Carrying it. Always.

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Author: Anandi Zhang
Print Length: 117
Publisher: Our Home (OH), under Auroville Art Service
Book format: Pdf
Language: English

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Living India

You looked into my eyes
I into yours
Not a word was spoken
Not a word was needed

A look
A smile
An invitation
Into each other’s world


Eyelids part
Only to meet again.

For the eyes that see
We are never apart.



Covers up
To reveal


i build obstacles
And pray to Ganesha
To remove them.

I build bridges
From stumbling blocks
And enshrine Ganesha within.


Brings out
Deepest yearning.

About Author

I’m Anandi Zhang. I live in Auroville. Poetic since childhood, I lost it somewhere along the way. Then, inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri and sonnets, as well as Kabir, Rumi and others’ poems, the poetic sense came back to me, and very organically I started to write down poetic expressions from inspirations, observations and reflections of life experiences. Mostly, the “poems” come on their own, in a poetic sense, images, words or whole poems, and I simply pen them down.

For me, poetry is a life-juicer, life-saver, and life-enricher. And I hope to inspire poetry reading and writing in a lot of people, to bring back the Poet that we are as eternal children. [Read more…]