A way of exploring Human Unity in Auro e-Books


The Auro e-Books Project is an efficient meeting of good-will, intention and aspiration to achieve technical perfection and maintain a “conscious presence” during the work so as to reveal as much as possible our highest possibilities.

It is a laboratory of evolution and consciousness, of brotherhood and sharing. There are no set limits of time (everyone gives to the project as much as she/he can), nor of space (we use Skype, e-mail, and social networks to work together).

 Auro e-Books is a new frontier full of promises already accomplished and new goals yet to be developed and imagined.

Everything is direct and supported by the original idea and generosity of putting at the disposal of all sadhakas of the Integral Yoga through new technological facilities (eBooks), which can magically contain everything written by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother as well as related materials.

It offers the possibility to share this virtual meeting place with all those who feel called to participate in this project and contribute with their knowledge, money, support, skills and ideas, or even with simply the willingness to learn (at any level, because collaborating with each other sets in motion a process of mutual and constant learning which is also a field for personal sadhana.

We are faced with the challenges of speaking ,talking and writing in different languages, the need to learn specific software and the technical language associated with this field, patience in wait for answers to problems that arise during the work (first of all, patience with ourselves!), meticulousness, commitment, calmness, determination and concentration.

Well, do not worry! There is also fun, surprise and joy! Just take courage, if the “heart call” is there, friendship and mutual support is assured!

Auro e-Books is open and welcome to all contacts and many possible projects and proposals that ask to be realized. What wants to be converted into digital book, will find its way of realization in Auro e-Books, and it will be done. What is not ready to be realized will be reabsorbed into the realm of unfinished possibility. Auro e-Books is therefore a free project and is open to all.