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Dear friends,

Auro e-Books is dedicated to fostering Human Unity based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo & the Mother by sharing e-Books in the Integral Yoga, Auroville and spirituality.

Since this online eBook Library was established in 2011, a few dedicated people —Aurovilians and volunteers—have worked passionately to keep the website running despite all odds.

Why? For you, dear reader! You inspire us to consistently improve the quality of our books, be true to reality and yet stay simple and accessible to all.

Now, as we complete 4 years of successful online work, we are striving to become a more relevant and useful online libaray.

And once again, we cannot achieve this without your support.

So please do come forward and donate funds for Auro e-Book. We need them urgently to continue running this service without the noise of advertisements.

Please scroll down to know how you can donate funds. After contributing, please send us an email so we can thank you personally.

We truly appreciate your involvement with Auro e-Books so far and look forward to your continued support.

The Auro e-Books Team

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  1. Sign in and click Transactions.
  2. Select Transfer Money.
  3. Specify To Account: 251827 and complete the form.
  1. Choose your card type. The Project Details box will appear.
  2. In the Project field, click Specify Auroville projects.
  3. Enter Auro e-Books and complete the form.
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For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us! With gratitude, The Auro e-Books team

We appreciate your support in spreading the Word of Awareness
and the betterment of Human Kind!