Anilbaran Roy Conversations with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

Ebook: Anilbaran Roy Conversations with Sri Aurobindo

Anilbaran Roy Conversations with
Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

Anilbaran Roy Conversations with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother: During the early years of his stay at Pondicherry, Sri Aurobindo used to have informal conversations with people who would come to visit him. The visitors as well as Sri Aurobindo’s disciples could ask him any question that occurred to them. The topics of the conversations covered a diversified range of subjects which included not only politics, yoga or spirituality but art, poetry, literature, medicines, education-system and psychology to name a few. These talks came to be known as ‘Evening Talks’ since they were held in the evening. Between May and September 1926, Anilbaran Roy had a series of personal interviews with Sri Aurobindo (reproduced here under Interviews) as well as attending many of the ‘Evening Talks’ during this period (reproduced here under Conversations). Anilbaran left Pondicherry in October of 1926 and returned in December of the same year, after Sri Aurobindo had withdrawn into seclusion. After his return, Anilbaran continued to keep diary notes until February 1927. Anilbaran later recorded his conversations with the Mother in his notebooks under the title, With the Mother. These notes began in December 1929 and continued until March 1938.


The material in this e-book originally appeared on the Overman Foundation website and has been published here with the kind permission of the founder of the Overman Foundation, Anurag Banerjee. Although the material has been rearranged somewhat for clarity and ease of reading, every effort has been made to ensure that this is a faithful reproduction of the original material prepared by Anurag Banerjee.

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Author: Anilbaran Roy

Print Length: 375 pages

Publisher: Overman Foundation

Contributor: Blindshiva, Krishna

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  • Interviews with Sri Aurobindo
  • May-June 1926
  • July 1926
  • August 1926
  • September 1926
  • Conversations with Sri Aurobindo
  • May-June 1926
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  • August 1926
  • September 1926
  • Diary Notes and Conversations With the Mother
  • Diary Notes of Anilbaran Roy
  • Anilbaran Roy’s Conversations with the Mother

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Anilbaran Roy Conversations with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

Diary Notes of Anilbaran Roy

10 December 1926

Arriving from Bengal I find an all-round change at Pondicherry. Sri Aurobindo has retired and Mirra Devi has taken charge of creating a new world. The nucleus, the central cell (cubical form) will be formed here, of which the life will be the sadhaks present here. Every one of those sadhaks is manifesting a particular power of the universe. I was to be the vehicle of one of the chief powers.

11 December 1926

I took part in group meditation, by the left side of A at midday; and between B and C in the evening. During evening meditation D saw a vision of golden light by the side of A and I was in the centre of that column of light.

After the afternoon meditation Sri Aurobindo saw me for a few minutes. A remarkable change has appeared in his personal appearance – to me he appeared thinner, taller and brighter. I expressed my regret that I was away from Pondicherry at this critical time. Sri Aurobindo said that the unpleasant experiences I had in Bengal were necessary for me and that my absence on the 24th November would not affect me. He gave me three instructions. 1. A new world is being created here into which I am entering and I must now make a definite choice to give up all old world relations and ideas. 2. I must now make a full surrender to Mirra Devi who has taken up the work of new creation. 3. Nothing of what is going on here should be given out to the outside world, as hostile forces, coming to know of these, may try to frustrate them. He explained to me the particular power that was to manifest in me. I have a particular work (which is God’s work) to do but not in the old way. Henceforth I must take all my instructions from Mirra Devi.

12 December 1926

During the morning interview Mother changed my place for the evening meditation to the side of A, with whom she said I had intimate relation in reference to the work and power that is to manifest in me.

At night during sleep I had a forceful attack in the form of a nightmare just at midnight. E cleared it off.

13 December 1926

The attack after last night was explained to me as by the force which is antagonistic to my mission. It is the dark Shakti which is the central force supporting death, dissensions, falsehood…

Today a programme of sadhana was suggested to me from within that I should take up Faith, Surrender, Peace, Aspiration etc. one by one and concentrate on them for some days. As the doubts of my physical mind were creating great obstacles to my sadhana, I took up Faith first and began today to place all the doubts in my physical mind before the Higher Shakti to be cleared by her.

14 December 1926

On the morning of the 14th when I was being roused from my sleep I saw an interesting dream (vision?). A tiger was eating something in a vessel; it ran away at the approach of a black wild elephant. I was pursued by the elephant and cowered; at the last moment a warrior came and pierced the elephant with a lance; the elephant disappeared. Then two men with drawn swords began a bloody fight with each other – the fight was ferocious, there was profuse bloodshed and I intervened to separate them and they were saved from sure death.


During the morning interview I explained to Mother my programme of sadhana and she readily agreed to it suggesting that I should take four days for every item. Thus Faith would be completed by the 16th.

Mother informed me that this morning the dark Shakti referred to before had been imprisoned and placed under the sea for centuries. This Shakti was created with the creation of the world and she was responsible for all false movements. Of course there are numerous other forms and emanations of this Shakti still working in the world and we shall still have to fight with them; but their central support is gone and it will be now comparatively easier to bring out the true movements out of the false.

Anilbaran: Then, this is a conquest for all humanity?

Mother: It is first a conquest for us, then for India, then for all humanity; after that it will be a conquest for the whole universe.