Companion to ‘The Secret of the Veda’ – Vol. I by Mukund Ainapure

Companion to ‘The Secret of the Veda’

Volume I

The Companion to The Secret of the Veda is meant as an aid to the systematic study of The Secret of the Veda for those interested in Sri Aurobindo’s Psychological interpretation of the Veda. It is a word to word matching of original Sanskrit Riks with Sri Aurobindo’s English translation in The Secret of the Veda (Volume I). The compiler has provided the Original Sanskrit Verses (Riks) from the Rig-veda, Padpātha in which all euphonic combinations (sandhi) are resolved into the original and separate words and even the components of compound words (samās) indicated; and matched each Sanskrit word in the Verse with the corresponding English word in the Translation.

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Author: Mukund Ainapure
Print Length: 173
Publisher: Self-Published
Submitted by: Author
Book format: Pdf
Language: English

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  • Original Sanskrit Verses from the Rig-veda cited in The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo Volume 15, The Secret of the Veda – Part One
  • Padpātha – Sanskrit Verses after resolving euphonic combinations (sandhi) and the compound words (samās) into separate words
  • Sri Aurobindo’s English Translation matched word-to-word with Padpātha


Companion to ‘The Secret of the Veda’

The Key to The Secret: The Central Conception of the Rig-veda

The central conception of the Rig-veda is the conquest of the Truth out of the darkness of Ignorance. By the conquest of the Truth is also meant the conquest of the Immortality.

The Vedic rtam is a spiritual as well as a psychological conception. It is the true being (Sat), the true consciousness (Chit), and the true delight of existence (Anand) beyond this earth of body (Prithvi), this mid-region of vital force (Rajas), this ordinary sky or heaven of mind (Dyau). We have to cross beyond all these planes to arrive at the higher plane of the superconscient Truth (Swar), which is the own home of the gods and, therefore, the foundation of Immortality (Amrit).

The real sense of the whole Rig-veda is the symbolism of the struggle between spiritual powers of Light and Darkness, Truth and Falsehood, Knowledge and Ignorance, Death and Immortality.

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