Healing Experiences

Healing Experiences

This book deals with the healing by different Alternative medicine therapies along with presenting a few case studies and combines the author’s experiences with Sri Aurobindo’s yoga of transformation ( both the physical body and the earth ). It narrates about the three stages of the matter in three separate sections through Psychicisation, Spiritualisation and Supramentalisation. Especially the joining of the spiritualism with science is a very rare factor for the younger enthusiastic mass. The synthesis of the old traditional yoga and the modern integral yoga opens a new angle for the spiritual seekers. And the inquisitive research persons can also find out a way to know about cell transmutation from Quantum Physics and Medical Science, which reveals the secrets of physical transformation as well as the immortal cells. The most uncommon thing is the ‘psychic discovery within the physical body’, which tells about the soul’s presence within the body described as ‘chaitya purusha’ in Veda and interpreted as psychic being by Sri Aurobindo. How in Pondicherry ashram The Mother and Sri Aurobindo were united to do this work and left their bodies there too is an additional attraction. This book is really a masterpiece.

Author: Sumitra Pattnaik

Print Length: 242 pages

Publisher: Auro e-Books

Book format: PDF

Language: English

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Table of Contents


  1. Healing Through Energy
  2. Detoxification
  3. Chakra Balancing And Kundalini Awakening Or The Ascent Of Yoga – Shakti
  4. Expansion Of Aura Or The Electromagnetic Field
  5. Flow Of Energy From The Chakras To The Meridians
  6. Flow Of Energy From The Meridians To The Nervous System
  7. Flow Of Energy From The Nervous System To The Endocrine Glands
  8. Flow Of Energy From The Endocrine System To The Blood
  9. Modification Of Energy
  10. Channelisation Of The Universal Life Force Energy Towards The Divine
  11. Activation Of The Seven Chakras And Transformation
  12. Heart Chakra – The Transmuting Chakra
  13. Going Out Of The Body Or Yognidra In Healing
  14. Endurance Of The Body In Healing
  15. Protection Of the Physical Body
  16. Revealation Of The Occult Knowledge In Healing
  17. Healing And Identification
  18. Healing And Experiment
  19. Physical Presence Of The Healer And The Patient
  20. A Control Upon The Natural Process Of The Body Through Healing
  21. Blood Purification Through Healing
  22. Cure Of Disharmony And Imbalancement
  23. Higher Energies Can Modify, Transmute And Uplift Lower Energies
  24. To Spend The Energy Is To Receive
  25. To Give The Treatment Is To Receive A Treatment
  26. Cure Of Genetic Diseases
  27. Change Of Metabolism
  28. Metabolism Of Cells And Heat Emanations
  29. New Millennium Will Have No Medicines
  30. Contagious Microbe Or Germ, Which Cures The Diseases
  31. Difference Between Cells And Gene
  32. Perversion And Ill – Health
  33. Repeated Mentalisation And Mechanical Repetition
  34. Yogic Cure, Spiritual Healing And Integrated Health
  35. New Energy Is Not New Consciousness
  36. Conscious Energy Reveals The Soul
  37. Invisible Or Subtle Forces
  38. Psychic Discovery Through The Psychic Surgery
  39. Disappearance Of Death


  • (i). Finding Happiness And The Krishna- Consciousness In The Physical
  • (ii). Discovery Of The Psychic Being In The Physical Body
  • (iii). Revealation Of The Occult Experiences Within The Body
  • (iv). Menstruation Started After The Menopause At The Age Of 62 yrs
  • (v). A Permanent Cure Of The Genetic Disease Endometriosis
  • (vi). Coming Back Of The Vision In Eyesight After 11 yrs Of Glaucoma


  1. New Energy – A Jerk In The Body
  2. Subtle Body And Gross Body
  3. Psychic Awakening In The Physical Body
  4. Experiences Of A Psychicised Body
  5. Happiness-The Base Of The Body
  6. Exchange Of Psychic Beings Within Mother’s Womb
  7. Matter And Spirit
  8. Equanimity In the External Being
  9. The Change Of Life – Past And Present
  10. The Yoga Of Tomorrow
  11. Beauty, Knowledge, Power And Love
  12. Emanations Of The Divine Or The Supreme
  13. Psycho – Occult Knowledge And Yogic Intuition
  14. Sincerity, Beauty, Peace, Poise, Harmony, Strength, Endurance And Unselfishness
  15. Mentalisation, Intellectualization And Realization Of Truth
  16. Personalisation And Individualization Of Truth
  17. Finding The Divine In The Heart Centre And True Self Is Above Head
  18. Vigilance, Alertness, Awareness And Consciousness
  19. Manifestation And Establishment Of Truth
  20. Body Becomes A Being, Not Matter
  21. Supermind And Cerebral Confusion
  22. Impact Of Truth – Consciousness
  23. Psychic Truth, Spiritual Truth And Supramental Truth
  24. Spiritual And Occult Interpretation Of Supramental Truth
  25. Overmental Truth, Supramental Truth And Supreme Truth
  26. Descent Of Supreme Truth Into The Inconscience


  1. Physical Mind Receives The Supramental Light
  2. Transformation
  3. Japa And Physical Transformation
  4. Meditation, Mantra Chanting And Transmutation Of Cells
  5. Prayer And Transmutation Of Cells
  6. Transmutation Of Cells
  7. Prayer And Yoga Of Transformation
  8. A Physically Transformed Body
  9. A Sattwick Body Is Immortal Body
  10. Effects Of Supramental On Body And Physical Immortality
  11. Trasformed Body And Conscious Organs
  12. Trasplantation Of Organs
  13. Chemical Constitution Of The Body After Physical Transformation
  14. Internal Organs – Plastic Transmitters
  15. Cellular Activity Of The Brain And The Cellular Memory
  16. Supreman – A Mental Projection Or A Materialisation ?
  17. Transmutation Of Cells And Disappearance Of Internal Organs
  18. Cells Inside The Nerves
  19. Dissolution Of Organs and Exchange Of Cells
  20. Mortal Cells And Immortal Cells
  21. Procreation Stops
  22. Apprentice Superman
  23. Superman In Transition
  24. A New World Is Born
  25. Direct Creation Of Cellular Bodies
  26. Cellular Body – A Concept
  27. Future Body – Luminous And Radio – Active
  28. Organless Superman And Cellular Bodies
  29. Descent Of The Supreme On Earth As Sachchidananda
  30. The Supreme – Unmanifest Sachchidananda
  31. Sachchidananda In Manifestation On Earth
  32. Remarkable Changes After The Manifestation of Sachchidananda
  33. Multiplication Of Sachchidananda
  34. Existence Of Plants, Animals, Men, Supramental Beings Still In Supermanhood
  35. Superman’s Race – A Collectivity !01 Beyond Sachchidananda
  36. Cellular Body – A Beyond Sachchidananda Phenomenon
  37. Tat, Beyond Sachchidananda And Nescience
  38. Rest Of The Tat – Without The Supreme Is Beyond Sachchidananda
  39. Cellular Body, Nescience And Beyond Sachchidananda

Book Sample

Healing Experiences


This book has been divided into three parts. It carries the healing aspect, different methods applied for the treatment as well as a few of my case studies, who really helped me in my experiment to provide the results as my unique experiences. In each of my case studies, during the 9 yrs of Reiki practice, I got identified with and started my journey as an adventure to travel the unknown territories one after another. Mostly it has put emphasis upon the hidden occult knowledge coming to the surface and influencing the intellect too to some extent. Through healing one starts at first entering into the subliminal or the inner being (inner vital + inner mind + subtle physical) initially to find out, at last, the inmost being or the psychic being.

‘Psychic discovery through psychic surgery’ within the subtle physical body, which is the real carrier of the soul is the main topic of this book. Then slowly the occult interpretation of the throbbing sensation of the thumb-sized psychic being or the soul consciousness is felt within the gross body too by me behind the heart chakra (the cardiac centre) due to identification and my deep concentration through self-forgetting.

My conscious spiritual experiences are a gradual unfolding of the truth findings to influence the higher intellect as well as to express the occult revelations in the subtle physical. Mostly it combines the healing with the psychic awakening in the gross physical body and ends up in Sri Aurobindo’s yogic methods like the future transformation of the matter or physical body along with the earth. This book has provided certain facts for today’s modern enthusiastic mass through the synthesis of old traditional yoga and modern integral yoga. It sets an example before the younger generation how a non – egoistic or a conscious man becomes a spiritualist and a yogi if is in search of the inner self or The Divine for which starts doing an experiment in the laboratory or in life. Then finally the same secluded scientist finds the soul to live in bliss and leads a normal life in the society when the result comes as knowledge or Truth to end up his experiment.

The three parts of the book ‘Psychicisation, Spiritualisation And Supramentalisation’ is a combination of three gradual stages of the matter or physical body, when it becomes conscious of the soul present within. And it has been experienced by me specifically through healing.

Subbu Hari

Sumitra ji book is a result of channeled knowledge of Sri Aurobindo. A variety of events are happening in consciousness regarding human evolution today. Many are confused on what is the future of humanity? This book sheds light on the step-by-step process of descent of Supramental consciousness on Earth. This gives hope, courage, and clarity to readers on what’s in store and what work we have to do. The language and terms used in the book can be technical but are supported by a detailed glossary. The book will bring assured change in the reader if faith and devotion to the divine are firmly present. Overall an important read for those who are in the process of embodying this change and for those who are curious about changes coming on the earthly plane.

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