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Welcome to Auro e-Books website

Hi all!

It happened so that I found myself a spiritual aspirant, follower and devotee of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. And since then I have found great help in words of those whom I have recognized as my spiritual and life guides.

We are living in 21-st century and many new devices for book reading appear every day. For a long time I wanted to have an opportunity to read my favorite books on one of such devices. But unfortunately till the recent time this was impossible.

Now I have IPad, IPhone and my wife has Galaxy tab, where we can read these books. One of most popular formats is e-pub and with help of my friend this dream finally came true – we started making epub files of Sri Aurobindo’s works.

On this blog we are going to publish these electronic books hoping that it will facilitate many people to explore the consciousness fields. I think that you will find here books which you wanted to read in such electronic format.

Have fun!