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Companion to ‘The Secret of the Veda’ – Vol. I by Mukund Ainapure

Companion to ‘The Secret of the Veda’

Volume I

The Companion to The Secret of the Veda is meant as an aid to the systematic study of The Secret of the Veda for those interested in Sri Aurobindo’s Psychological interpretation of the Veda. It is a word to word matching of original Sanskrit Riks with Sri Aurobindo’s English translation in The Secret of the Veda (Volume I). The compiler has provided the Original Sanskrit Verses (Riks) from the Rig-veda, Padpātha in which all euphonic combinations (sandhi) are resolved into the original and separate words and even the components of compound words (samās) indicated; and matched each Sanskrit word in the Verse with the corresponding English word in the Translation.

Book Details

Author: Mukund Ainapure
Print Length: 173
Publisher: Self-Published
Submitted by: Author
Book format: Pdf
Language: English
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