Visitors' Testimonials

Visitors’ Testimonials


“I am so elated to have found these books. Thank you so much for this……..we were waiting for this for a long time.”

Ekóham Bahusyam

“My good will and best wishes for this wonderful project to reach out the wider present generation beyond borders … Congratulations to the team.”

anbu selvam

“very commendable work let the LORD and MOTHERS grace , blessings be with u inallur efforts.”

RY Deshpande

“That’s excellent!”


“Amazing Undertaking! Thanks every so much for making available for free these precious resources. I will spread the news.”

Paramananda Sarkar

“I always look for your efforts to give us such wonderful opportunities to read the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. No amount of thanks giving would be enough. I pay my gratitude to you and your team.”


“Thank you, for making Aurobindo’s work accessible in ebook formats. I wished other editors of spiritual writings would follow your example.”


“Hi! Congratulations on your EXCELLENTS ebooks. I am very happy to have found your blog. I have myself tried to create ebooks in the epub format of Sri Aurobindo and Mother works (found in pdf format mostly from ashram elibrary)manly in french but I encountered many problems like mispelling or mismatch of indian/sanskrit terms or properly formatting.

aravind reddy d

“I tried myself to convert Sri Aurobindo’s books using Calibre but the outcome was not good. Your versions are perfect. Thank you very much for this great service.”


“Thanks a lot for Auro e-books team for creating and uploading Sri Aurobindo’s and Mother’s books in electronic version. Your work is highly appreciable. I could get the book here, which I was looking after for many months. It was immense pleasure to congratulate for your great work and enlightening many people like me.”

Prashant Tiwari

“Congratulations for an amazing job with these e-books! Someone recently pointed me to a similar site for the Agenda here: I’ve recently prepared the first volume of the French version for my personal use and would be willing to share that and the remaining volumes too as they become ready, going forward.”


“Your effort on publishing e-books on the works of Aurobindo is praiseworthy. I have been reading on the website about a agenda feature with the listing of upcomming titles.

Govardhan Dave

“It is a commendable effort and I would like to take its full advantage to nurture my sadhana.”


“GREAT WORK! I know how much work you have done. I am very happy to see this website today because I am on the point to create also a website ( with digital content (ebooks and audio-books of the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and other works on Integral Yoga in German) as epub, mobi and PDF for downloading. How do you think about it and do you see a way to work together?”

Patrick James O’Connell

“Thank you”


“I find your conversion of formats for my Amazon Kindle fabulous. I pay my respect to you and your team.”

Evan Jones

“Thank you for your wonderful work on this project.”


“Friendly Greetings, First, what a wonderful project. I have aspired for years to have a portable library of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, and take it as Grace that it is now available. These are the first and most important downloads on this new Kindle ereader”