Companion to “Hymns to the Mystic Fire” (Vol.4) by Mukund Ainapure

Companion to Hymns to the Mystic Fire

Volume IV

Companion to Hymns to the Mystic Fire is meant as an aid to the systematic study of Hymns to the Mystic Fire (Volume 16 – The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo – CWSA -, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Publication Department, Pondicherry, 2013) for those interested in Sri Aurobindo’s mystical interpretation of the Veda.

It provides the original Sanskrit verses (Riks) from the Rig Veda in Devanagari (without accents), translated and cited by Sri Aurobindo in Hymns to the Mystic Fire. The compiler has provided the Padpātha (in Devanagari as well as Roman Transcription) under each verse in which all euphonic combinations (sandhi) are resolved into the original and separate words and even the components of compound words (samās) indicated; and matched each Sanskrit word in the Padpātha with the corresponding English word in the Translation using superscripts. Footnotes, Explanatory Notes, and Synopsis of every Hymn based on Sri Aurobindo’s writings are given wherever available. The Appendix lists all the ‘Epithets’ of Agni from the Volume.

In the Foreword to the first edition of Hymns to the Mystic Fire, (1946) Sri Aurobindo stated that “.…to establish on a scholastic basis the conclusions of the hypothesis (mystical interpretation) it would have been necessary to prepare an edition of the Rig-veda or of a large part of it with a word by word construing in Sanskrit and English, notes explanatory of important points in the text…..” This compilation series is a humble attempt in providing such ‘word by word construing in Sanskrit and English’ of selected verses of the Rig Veda with ‘explanatory notes’.

Sri Aurobindo has said that – Throughout the Veda it is in the hymns which celebrate this strong and brilliant deity [Agni] that we find those which are the most splendid in poetic colouring, profound in psychological suggestion and sublime in their mystic intoxication (The Secret of the Veda, Vol.15 p.390). Hope the following pages provide a glimpse of the splendid, the profound and the sublime in these mystic hymns to this brilliant deity.

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Author: Mukund Ainapure
Print Length: 248
Publisher: Mukund Ainapure
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Submitted by: Mukund Ainapure
Book format: Pdf
Language: English

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Mandala Seven

Vasishtha Maitravaruni

  • Sukta 1
  • Sukta 2
  • Sukta 3
  • Sukta 4
  • Sukta 5
  • Sukta 6
  • Sukta 7
  • Sukta 8
  • Sukta 9
  • Sukta 10
  • Sukta 11
  • Sukta 12
  • Sukta 13
  • Sukta 14
  • Sukta 15
  • Sukta 16
  • Sukta 17

Mandala Eight

Vatsa Kanwa

  • Sukta 11

Sobhari Kanwa

  • Sukta 19

Vishwamanas Vaiyashwa

  • Sukta 23

Shyavashwa Atreya

  • Sukta 38

Nabhaka Kanwa

  • Sukta 39
  • Sukta 40

Virupa Angirasa

  • Sukta 43
  • Sukta 44

Bharga Pragatha

  • Sukta 60

Suditi And Purumilha Angirasa

  • Sukta 71

Haryata Pragatha

  • Sukta 72

Gopavana Atreya

  • Sukta 74

Virupa Angirasa

  • Sukta 75

Ushanas Kavya

  • Sukta 84

Prayoga Bhargava

  • Sukta 102

Sobhari Kanwa

  • Sukta 103

Mandala Ten

Trita Aptya

  • Sukta 1
  • Sukta 2
  • Sukta 3
  • Sukta 4
  • Sukta 5
  • Sukta 6
  • Sukta 7

Trishiras Twashtra

  • Sukta 8

Havirdhana Angi

  • Sukta 11
  • Sukta 12

Vimada Aindra or Prajapatya or Vasukrit Vasukra

  • Sukta 20
  • Sukta 21

Vatsapri Bhalandana

  • Sukta 45
  • Sukta 46

Devas and Agni Sauchika

  • Sukta 51

Sumitra Vadhryashwa

  • Sukta 69
  • Sukta 70

Agni Sauchika or Vaishwanara or Sapti Vajambhara

  • Sukta 79
  • Sukta 80

Payu Bharadwaja

  • Sukta 87

Aruna Vaitahavya

  • Sukta 91

Jamadagni Bhargava or Rama Jamadagnya

  • Sukta 110

Upastuta Varshtihavya

  • Sukta 115

Chitramahas Vasishtha

  • Sukta 122

Agni Pavaka

  • Sukta 140

Mridika Vasishtha

  • Sukta 150

Ketu Agneya

  • Sukta 156

Vatsa Agneya

  • Sukta 187

Samvanana Angirasa

  • Sukta 191


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