Man after man by Satprem

Man After Man (pdf)

Man after man by Satprem
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Man After Man (pdf)

Man after Man by Satprem

Man After Man by Satprem

"Man After Man" is a shortened book version of the 2.5 hour long interview with Satprem by David Montemurri, a film maker for Italian TV. It was filmed in 1981, in the Nilgiris, the Blue Mountains of southern India, where Satprem and his companion Sujata were living.

The production of the eBook was made possible by the ‘Flamme d'Altérité’ Association in collaboration with Auro-eBooks.

The interview, recorded more than 30 years ago, may appear to take place in an ‘outdated’ political and social context, but Satprem’s answers, of a rare lucidity and full of empathy, remain absolutely acute, powerful and pertinent. The main trend of the interview centers on the future of humanity, particularly: What will be Man after man?

“We erect around us the bronze walls of our infallible laws, which are only the temporary hallucinations of a terrestrial species on its way towards the Truth of the Earth." – Satprem

Book Details

Author: Satprem

Print Length: 23 pages

Publisher: Flamme d'Altérité

Contributors: Anandamaya, Krishna

Book format: PDFePubKindle

Language: English

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  • Preface
  • Chapter One. What remains?
  • Chapter Two. Auroville
  • Chapter Three. Mother's Agenda
  • Chapter Four. Back in the blue mountains

Book Sample

Man After Man by Satprem

100 years after Charles Darwin's death, evolution is today's theme. We know, or we think we know, how species have evolved and how man was born. Yes, but after that...? "Man is not the summit of the evolutionary process" said somebody at the beginning of this age of mutation. "Evolution goes on and Man will be surpassed". The one who has thrown this stone in the pond of human habit was called Sri Aurobindo and lived in India. And it is in India where lived the one who continued, not the evolutionary thought, but the evolutionary action of Sri Aurobindo. He called her Mother. She was born in Paris in 1878. Her body was buried in Pondicherry in 1973.

So we went to the Nilgiris, the blue mountains of South India, to interview a French writer, a seeker, whom Mother called Satprem and who was the witness of her evolutionary work for almost 20 years.

Will there be something else after this painful and senseless man that we are? Or do we have to resign ourselves to catastrophe and extinction of human species? The present man has maybe reached his end. Yes, but after that? The answer is not to be found in any wisdom, revelation or prophecy. It's hidden, Satprem tells us, where Sri Aurobindo and Mother searched for it: deep down in our body's cells.

"And yet, it's eve. And at dawn..., we will enter the splendid cities"

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