The University of Human Unity

The University of Human Unity

The concept of unity is definitely not new to humanity and in the complexity of our present world, in this extraordinary cultural, social, economic diversity, man has been moving toward a discovery of new values and a transfer of life to a new foundation, “urgently demanded by an underlying spirit and sense of need in the race.”

In response to humanity’s instinctive search toward the rediscovery of mankind’s inherent constitution of unity, the ground was prepared 39 years ago for a universal township in South India, known as “Auroville”. Today Auroville is a living experiment of 2000 diverse people from over 30 countries of the world, all dedicated to the realization of a united humanity. Auroville’s wide range of development programs designed toward the advancement of humanity span the areas of: arts & culture, educational research, environmental regeneration, handicrafts & small scale industries, health & healing, innovative building technologies, integrated urban planning, organic farming, renewable energy, rural development and more. (

Auroville has become widely recognised as a place of learning that “seeks to ensure international understanding, peace, innovative education, a learning society and an all round material and spiritual development of harmonious individual and collective growth.

The University of Human Unity is being conceived of as an innovative alternative genre of university, expressive of the exploration of a new consciousness in the emerging universe-city that is Auroville, the universal city of values and knowledge, free from many of the conventional restraints that characterize higher educational institutions in the world today. At present there are a number of centres in Auroville which are looking for a wider cooperation among themselves and the world, in the field of research and integral studies.

The University of Human Unity will be a platform for exploration and discovery in all areas of human knowledge and activity where students themselves may conceive and pursue programs of study in a supportive and contemplative atmosphere with the participation and cooperation of other students and facilitators in their respective fields of interest. Through this University, we will explore new approaches to knowledge and new ways of being, self-educational methods and learning modalities which may lead us to a new perspective and expression, a deeper understanding and a truer force of consciousness that is manifesting in Auroville and the world.

To further support an integrated and continuing learning process, UHU programs will be offered to the world through the development of a comprehensive cyber-platform. This online universe-city will offer personal portals, group collaboration centres for study and research, an interactive speaker/mentor bureau, a comprehensive library of data that includes text, images, audio, video and self-study tutorials. In addition, the site will include international program and event calendars, topic specific forums, bulletin boards, blogs and live webcasts.

UHU Website

The University of Human Unity Books and Publications:

The Philosophy of Consciousness: Hegel and Sri Aurobindo
La Filosofia dell’Evoluzione di Rod Hemsell
Rod Hemsell - Sri Aurobindo and the Logic of the Infinite
Philosophy of Evolution by Rod Hemsell
The Philosophy of Religion by Rod Hemsell
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