Looking for Volunteers for Proofreading Sanskrit Texts

We need your help: we are looking for volunteers who could proofread Sanskrit text in unicode in in Sri Aurobindo’s works and other books.

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Auro e-Books is an international community and multilingual Digital Bookstore/Library website dedicated to e-books on Auroville, Integral Yoga, Spirituality and Well-being. Its aim – to promote authors in these fields, and disseminate their works in digital formats both through its own e-book store and through the network of other digital bookstores such as Amazon, iBooks, Sony, Barnes, Kobo and others.

Copyright on Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s Works

Our visitors might be wondering about copyright on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Works. There are different opinions represented by different organisations and individuals.

An Invitation for Collaboration

We are aspiring that all Sri Aurobindo and the Mother works would be available for download in the contemporary digital format so it would be possible to carry them in the digital device wherever we go. We are inviting people of good will and technical skill to participate in this project in order to make […]

Welcome to Auro e-Books website

Hi all! It happened so that I found myself a spiritual aspirant, follower and devotee of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. And since then I have found great help in words of those whom I have recognized as my spiritual and life guides. We are living in 21-st century and many new devices for book […]