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Santosh Krinsky has been studying Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine since he was introduced to it in 1971. After residing at Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India for part of 1973-1974, he returned to the USA where he has been involved in the distribution and eventually the publication of the major writings of Sri Aurobindo. In 1981 he founded Lotus Light Publications which eventually became Lotus Press and took up the publication of the writings of Sri M P Pandit as well as Sri Aurobindo. Lotus Press today is one of the leading publishers also in the field of Ayurveda and alternative healing modalities, including Reiki, as well as being the US publisher of Sri Aurobindo’s major works.

Santosh is also one of the founders and currently the President of a non-profit organization The Institute for Wholistic Education. The Institute is dedicated to the work of integrating spirituality into daily life. Activities include various classes, meditations, and sponsoring online informational websites and blog posts. The Institute also maintains a library of more than 6000 volumes available for use by seekers and interested parties who visit the center in Wisconsin.

Santosh and his wife Karuna reside in Racine, Wisconsin.

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